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Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Homeowners invest thousands of pounds on driveways. Whether it is lock-block, patterned imprinted concrete or natural flagstones, a clean & tidy driveway can really boost the property’s appearance and kerb appeal.

The North-East climate, road salting, mud on the road from farming can all conspire to leaving your driveway looking uncared for. Domestic pressure washers can achieve good results, but are usually incredibly time consuming when used to tackle a job of any discernable size.

Aberdeen PowerClean has the latest in pressure washing equipment utilising a Mosmatic rotary cleaner with vacuum recovery. The 21” rotary cleaner can cover large areas efficiently, whilst the vacuum recovery sucks all the dirt and debris away at the point of cleaning. Following a thorough rinse down and spot check with our turbo-lance, your driveway will look like new.

We also provide a sealing service for those who want to really enhance and protect the appearance of their driveway.

Drive wash sand

Sealing has several key benefits:

Depending on the sealant used, the benefits can last up to 5 years. The types of sealant and finishes available can all be discussed with a free, no obligation quotation.