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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti can be a blight to all property owners. If you have suffered from graffiti, you’ll want it removed quickly & effectively especially if rude or obscene language has been used.

Aberdeen PowerClean has adopted SoSafe graffiti removal products to enable us to carry out graffiti removal safely & effectively. SoSafe products allow us to tailor a removal solution to your graffiti problem depending on the type of paint & surface involved. The products are:

This makes SoSafe products suitable for use in schools and public areas unlike other solvent/chemical based removers. The product is applied by spraying or painting on the offending surface.

The product is left for a short period of time and then the surface is pressure washed. The main cleaning action is achieved by the SoSafe product, allowing us to use lower pressures for washing – preventing possible damage to the surface.